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Nothing compares to the light-as-air crispiness of traditional fillo pastry – and for almost 60 years, we’ve perfected the art of creating paper-thin, deliciously flaky ready to bake fillo.

Unlike puff pastry, which relies on fat content to ‘layer’ when it is cooked, fillo pastry is traditionally made without any shortening or fat – making it a healthy and delicious alternative. Depending on your recipe, you can choose what type and amount of butter or oil is used – to achieve the layering effect by using a number of sheets.

Antoniou’s fresh, frozen, and thick-style fillo pastry is available in a range of pack sizes for restaurants, caterers and other food service requirements. Home cooks will find it at their local supermarket, and at delicatessens and greengrocers around Australia.

Find inspiration for your next sweet or savoury fillo pastry creation in our recipe library. Think beyond baklava and spinach pie – there’s potential for new fillings in every shape and size imaginable.

Did you know?

The word fillo is Greek for ‘leaf’, though it also has origins in the Middle East and other parts of Southern Europe. 

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