Balsamic White Truffle Pearls
Balsamic White Truffle Pearls Cookal Accueil JB, Johor Bahru, Malaysia Supply & Wholesale | Harvest Frozen Food Sdn. Bhd.
RM 100.00
Cookal developed a range of pearls, made with molecular process, to decorate, in an original way, all your dishes.

The benefits for you, professionals:

Original decoration: Perlanova pearls will allow you to decorate your dishes with taste. They will enhance your toasts, salads, oysters and beverages.

Quality seasoning: Perlanova pearls have been awarded Grand Prix du SIAL Innovation 2012. Our production process preserves all the flavours.

Explosion of taste: the thin membrane and the liquide heart of our pearls will procure an explosion of taste inside your mouth.

Innovative: Cookal carries on the innovation, developing new flavours to fit all your dishes. 

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